Is Your Marketing Working?

Marketing is an investment in its own right, just like investing into your business. When done right, marketing has the potential to deliver significant returns in revenue and brand exposure.

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We can Help you with

We can Help you with

Social Media

We make fresh improvements to your social media campaigns and accounts to get you in front of people. ​


SEO entails regularly updating your website to improve online visibility for people looking for the items or services you provide.

Paid Advertising

Achieve your most critical objectives by using paid advertising on search engines and social media platforms.

Marketing Strategy

With time, campaigns become stale and their effectiveness begins to dwindle. You will lose track of your audience if you do not keep up with them - but there is still time to save it.

Content Marketing

Create SEO-friendly content for search engines to index. We do more than just use keywords; we research search terms and topics to write content that flows naturally for readers and search engines.

Lead Generation

Attract suitable customers who want to learn more about your company or product. We assist growing companies in improving their lead generation and sales nurturing techniques. 

Website Design

Own a piece of online real estate to market your company. We can assist you with creating everything from a simple website to an e-commerce store.

SMS Marketing

Although text message marketing (SMS marketing) is not a new concept, it is getting prominence. Deliver your message directly to the hands of your customers.

Email Marketing

Email still has a high revenue-per-dollar ratio. If you're not using your email list to generate new sales, we can help you get started and keep going.

Our Customers

With a Local Touch.

Why hire a non-Utah agency that doesn’t know we invented Fry Sauce or what Funeral Potatoes are? VANI is a marketing company located in Salt Lake City. We offer traditional marketing solutions such as billboards, flyers, and event marketing alongside digital marketing such as social media, paid advertising, and SEO for a multichannel and omnichannel approach to your marketing needs.


Common Questions

VANI marketing works with small marketing budgets that can average from $30 to $1200.

Yes. Our agency can meet the most in-demand services for small businesses to compete in a digital arena.

Although SEO marketing takes time to produce outcomes, some steps may be taken to see faster results. Paid advertising allows you to reach a larger audience. Running smart, targeted paid advertisements will help your business get off to a solid start.